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I was born in Colombia where I learnt to do the Cumbia dance and eat arepas. At the age of 14 me and my family moved to the USA. I worked in a Fire Department in Florida retiring 30 years plus as a fire chief. I made Aliyah to Israel in 2005.

Iran says Israel must go, we heard that before

Iran says Israel must go, we heard that before
By Samuel Halpert
August 2, 2015

Hey, the Jews are sensitive, can you blame them? There is reason to be apprehensive with the proposed Iran nuclear deal supposedly stopping Iran from getting nuclear bombs.

Iran does not mince words when they say they want to destroy Israel. They want to wipe the Jewish state off the map and replace it with another Moslem possession. They don’t hide their views on the subject, it is in your face, day in and day out. Iran’s topmost leaders proclaim to the masses fatwas and edicts they say come from G-d himself against Israel and the Jews. They delegitimize, demonize and dehumanize the Jews just like the Nazis did leading to the extinction plans for ridding the Jews once and for all. To the Jews there is nothing new about this, they believe the words of despots, they’ve heard the words before. Not a generation goes by that something terrible has befallen on them. You can go back as far as you wish to find out epic hemorrhages the likes that have fulminated other cultures, other peoples, from the face of history, but yet the Jews survive, by the skin of their teeth that is.

The Jews been around for more than 4,000 years and yet their numbers don’t match their longevity. They’ve been hunted down. From the enslavement in the Land of Egypt subsequently freed by Moses, to the conflagrating massacres by the Persians and the Romans causing the destruction of the country twice, the killings, expulsions and forced conversions by the Spanish inquisitors, the Holocaust, the hell on earth in our era, just to name a few. 12 million Jews remain in the world, not the billions that thrive other people such as the Moslems and the Christians.

From the trillion inhabitants living in hundreds of Moslem and Christian countries, only one tiny speck of land provides a refuge, a sanctuary to 6 million Jews, and that is Israel.

Don’t be so paranoid they tell the Jews, a persecution complex they say, but how can the Jews be so nonchalant to ignore their own history … and the graves of millions … and the generations that couldn’t be? Yes, Jews are sensitive, can you blame them? The Iran nuclear deal as it stands is the path to perdition.

Allowing Iran wiggle room to acquire nuclear weapons must not be permitted at any cost. Israelis rightfully are fearful and understandably have itchy fingers.

Israel: a barrier repelling Jew haters

Israel: a barrier repelling Jew haters
Like sharks on chum, Jew haters go on a feeding frenzy whenever they perceive Jews behaving out of their place. They cannot fathom seeing Jews other than as weak and defenseless. As far as they are concerned, reason doesn’t stand a chance in their hateful way of thinking. Jew haters come out of every hole and crevice; they ooze out like viral slime infecting people as far back as ancient times to this very day; it don’t matter who they are, the infection is non-discriminatory, it affects the intelligent as well as the brute. The symptoms of the Jew hating disease demonstrate themselves in many ways ranging from a myriad of discriminatory practices to the calling for the destruction of Israel. Not a generation goes by without tragedy striking the Jews; physical threats to body and property are documented all too well in the historical compendium. Israel has become the refuge; the aspiration of generations gone by that finally is realized through the crucible of pain aimed at preventing the Jew hater from getting his way.
What is happening now against Israel is a result of this age-old hatred. Israel the land of the Book, the land of Milk and Honey is being demonized by bizarre players whose infected brains stem from their contangioned mother’s milk. Keeping them at bay is no small feat. To their chagrin Israel is a well protected country akin to a hard to breach modern day fortress. Israel is being defended by young men and women who carry history on their backs and know very well what a dark day is. The sentinels of Israel stand guard at every tower.
This Jew hatred goes way back. Ever since the Babylonian Empire committed genocide of the Jews, a butchery of Biblical proportions that occurred in the year 423 BCE, causing the extermination of a million people and resulting in the destruction of their most Holy Temple in Jerusalem, the Jew hating virus has resisted all attempts for eradication, remaining virulent and fulminating. Between those ancient times to present the Jews have suffered many other atrocities at the hands of the Jew haters, millions upon millions have been murdered over the centuries. Arguably it can be said no other people in the world can compare with the Jew’s plight and still be around.
For all intent and purposes, the Jewish population today should match those of the Chinese, the Indians, the Christians or the Moslems; they number into the billions. Their histories date back to that of Israel’s and some are even much younger. In contrast the Jews account for less than 20 million in the world, that is 1/10th of 1% of the world population. Israel’s foothold is tiny, 9 miles (15km) at her narrowest point, a diminutive speck in the Middle East surrounded by 27 Moslem countries that are beside themselves in not being able to extract the Jew out of their midst a stumbling block to a Caliphate dreams of yore. Call it divine intervention or adrenaline rushed strength the Jews survive precariously at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Jew haters are knocking at Israel’s gate; their fangs are long, their exhaling breath caused by stenching words, their spit is like acid. However, for those who seek understanding, there is still hope for healing. The simple fact is that as long as the neighboring Arab states along with their minions and surrogates obsess at ridding the Jews from the land, peace will continue to hide in darken caves and windowless dungeons. Israel’s enemies ignore facts and refuse to accept the truth they see in the mirror.

Israel, does anyone hear you?

Israel, does anyone hear you?

When someone lost in the forest shouts, “is anyone hearing me out there?” will the words of succor reach Samaritan ears? Will the world notice the plight of a hopelessly lost soul amid tall trees and sun robbing canopies? A dilemma such as this has fallen on the Jews for millennia. We the children of God, the wandering Jews, the remnants of the House of David, upon us on our hump backs carry vessels filled with tears and bitter herbs. On our breast we embrace the words given to us on a fiery mountain top. We yell in the forest for help to no avail. Instead the bear, the lion and the snake have a way with us. Savage treatment of the Jews have dwindled our numbers to an absolute minority, a surviving people hanging on to humanity’s ledge, less than a fraction of one percent of the world’s population and yet the furious rulers, tyrants and headstrong deniers of the truth continue to feed their children poisoned milk against us. They are saying that we are inhuman, describing us in terms only used for vermin. If truth be told, we were slaves in the land of Egypt; we have been massacred by one empire after another, the Persians, the Greeks, the Crusaders, the Romans, the Spanish, the Moslems, the Germans, millions upon millions of us seeking mercy. In the horizon we hear once again calls for our destruction and we are shouting in the forest, yet again. However, this time we’re not lost in the forest, a little paradise found, a tiny spec of clearance, Israel; the heavens can see us now.

The Word ‘Settlement’

The Word ‘Settlement’

The word ‘settlement’ has a bad connotation when it comes to Israel. Settlements, they say, is an impediment to peace. I mean, where else in the world does the word ‘settlement’ have such a bad rap? In the United States? In England? In France? In Russia? Are there settlements there? The United Nations pegs settlements with Israel; the word ‘settlement’ is now a brand owned by the Jewish state. Conducting a word search in Google for instance with the tagline ‘settlement’ it is common to find results on Israel this or Israel that. The reality of it all is that there are no settlements in Israel. Really, take my word. I’ve searched the length and breadth of Israel looking for a ‘settlement’. Heck, I even went to the ‘West Bank’, the ‘Golan Heights’, the ‘Galilee’ and the ‘Negev Desert’. No settlements were found. My findings though revealed that in this Promised Land there are cities, towns and villages and they are flourishing.

My traveling in the country didn’t take long, after all Israel is a tiny little place, a puzzle piece. On a good day you can drive the length of the country in 6 hours. At her narrowest point, Israel is only 9 miles wide. You can snap the entire country of Israel into the State of Florida, USA, 8 times; you know where Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center and Miami Beach are located. Unlike Israel’s neighboring countries which are a basket case, Israel is modern western style democratic country. I wanted to take a photo of a ‘settlement’ and show it to you, but I didn’t see any tents, caravans or covered wagons. I saw plenty of cities and towns, with thousands of people living in them, doing what city folks and country folks do, towns’ people doing their daily chores. I saw beautiful country villages surrounded by rolling fields and orchards. There are no settlements in Israel.

The word ‘settlement’ is an absolute failed marketing gimmick created by Jew haters aimed at sabotaging any efforts for peace. Instead of allowing the peace process to go forward, Israel’s enemies prefer to create stumbling blocks aimed at expelling Jews out of their Promised Land. The issue of settlements is one of those made up creations. It is clear to me.