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Iran says Israel must go, we heard that before

Iran says Israel must go, we heard that before
By Samuel Halpert
August 2, 2015

Hey, the Jews are sensitive, can you blame them? There is reason to be apprehensive with the proposed Iran nuclear deal supposedly stopping Iran from getting nuclear bombs.

Iran does not mince words when they say they want to destroy Israel. They want to wipe the Jewish state off the map and replace it with another Moslem possession. They don’t hide their views on the subject, it is in your face, day in and day out. Iran’s topmost leaders proclaim to the masses fatwas and edicts they say come from G-d himself against Israel and the Jews. They delegitimize, demonize and dehumanize the Jews just like the Nazis did leading to the extinction plans for ridding the Jews once and for all. To the Jews there is nothing new about this, they believe the words of despots, they’ve heard the words before. Not a generation goes by that something terrible has befallen on them. You can go back as far as you wish to find out epic hemorrhages the likes that have fulminated other cultures, other peoples, from the face of history, but yet the Jews survive, by the skin of their teeth that is.

The Jews been around for more than 4,000 years and yet their numbers don’t match their longevity. They’ve been hunted down. From the enslavement in the Land of Egypt subsequently freed by Moses, to the conflagrating massacres by the Persians and the Romans causing the destruction of the country twice, the killings, expulsions and forced conversions by the Spanish inquisitors, the Holocaust, the hell on earth in our era, just to name a few. 12 million Jews remain in the world, not the billions that thrive other people such as the Moslems and the Christians.

From the trillion inhabitants living in hundreds of Moslem and Christian countries, only one tiny speck of land provides a refuge, a sanctuary to 6 million Jews, and that is Israel.

Don’t be so paranoid they tell the Jews, a persecution complex they say, but how can the Jews be so nonchalant to ignore their own history … and the graves of millions … and the generations that couldn’t be? Yes, Jews are sensitive, can you blame them? The Iran nuclear deal as it stands is the path to perdition.

Allowing Iran wiggle room to acquire nuclear weapons must not be permitted at any cost. Israelis rightfully are fearful and understandably have itchy fingers.