The Word ‘Settlement’

The Word ‘Settlement’

The word ‘settlement’ has a bad connotation when it comes to Israel. Settlements, they say, is an impediment to peace. I mean, where else in the world does the word ‘settlement’ have such a bad rap? In the United States? In England? In France? In Russia? Are there settlements there? The United Nations pegs settlements with Israel; the word ‘settlement’ is now a brand owned by the Jewish state. Conducting a word search in Google for instance with the tagline ‘settlement’ it is common to find results on Israel this or Israel that. The reality of it all is that there are no settlements in Israel. Really, take my word. I’ve searched the length and breadth of Israel looking for a ‘settlement’. Heck, I even went to the ‘West Bank’, the ‘Golan Heights’, the ‘Galilee’ and the ‘Negev Desert’. No settlements were found. My findings though revealed that in this Promised Land there are cities, towns and villages and they are flourishing.

My traveling in the country didn’t take long, after all Israel is a tiny little place, a puzzle piece. On a good day you can drive the length of the country in 6 hours. At her narrowest point, Israel is only 9 miles wide. You can snap the entire country of Israel into the State of Florida, USA, 8 times; you know where Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center and Miami Beach are located. Unlike Israel’s neighboring countries which are a basket case, Israel is modern western style democratic country. I wanted to take a photo of a ‘settlement’ and show it to you, but I didn’t see any tents, caravans or covered wagons. I saw plenty of cities and towns, with thousands of people living in them, doing what city folks and country folks do, towns’ people doing their daily chores. I saw beautiful country villages surrounded by rolling fields and orchards. There are no settlements in Israel.

The word ‘settlement’ is an absolute failed marketing gimmick created by Jew haters aimed at sabotaging any efforts for peace. Instead of allowing the peace process to go forward, Israel’s enemies prefer to create stumbling blocks aimed at expelling Jews out of their Promised Land. The issue of settlements is one of those made up creations. It is clear to me.

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